open door

I’m an extrovert. Like extreme. I could be surrounded by people all day long. We joke that I made all these people just because I love people so much – why not birth a bunch of them to live in a house with me?

I absolutely love having friends over. I love opening my home to others. It’s one of my absolute favorite things.

The older I get, though, I’m noticing my stress level messes with my people love. I go all hermit. I hide inside my own head and self reflect way too much. I begin to question friendships for no reason. All the solid security I usually feel starts to melt. 

I’ve been hearing this whisper lately.

“open door”

In this exhausting and lovely and crazy and beautiful season I am in, God is reminding me He’s called me here. To a home with an open door. Open to my family. Open to my friends, my neighbors, others who simply need an open door. 


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